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They tell beautifully the budding relationship between myself, several women and their transformation into Dominants.

And, of course, the complete transformation of the key subject, Angel (or Stephanie) into a full time slave and servant.

And its warm - which is vital at this time of year. You did so much at my behest showing your true feelings that I really feel that I would be remiss if I didn't desire to do the same for you out of the same feelings of love.

I know exactly what you did for me and with whom from your letters and dairies.

While she lives overseas, we have had a very intense D/s relationship that has sometimes been on again/off again. x Jan 6, 2003 There is very little you could ever do to disappoint me, Stephanie.

She has evolved into what I would call a prefect submissive in that she is so eager to please and, while sometime very nervous about following my direction, she always does so to the best of her abilities. You mentioned in your messenger message about my shaved pussy. Oh I keep it neatly trimmed, but it is grown again, for some time now. It was just that there didn't appear to be much reason to keep it clear. I am so glad to have heard from you and to be updated in what is going on with your life.

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After an extended off again period, right after Christmas, 2002 we started writing each other again. K., which is where she is from, and had started a new job. I have a new position, called Sales Mentor, for a company in XXXXXXXX. I often think of you with your friend, the Mistress, and wonder ... I would hate to think that someone as tender, warm, honest, and kind would not be sharing all her love with someone, male or female. Still consulting with small retail businesses and having to travel while doing so.By all means watch this film, but then watch one of the films I mentioned and see what I mean.

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Love is just out of his grasp." During his 20th anniversary reflection, Bergman described Jack as "a reckless, selfish, uncaring cad" changed by love.… continue reading »

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When you meet people talk in a serious tone, give them a firm handshake and don't let your voice waiver or show that you are indecisive at all.… continue reading »

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